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PLEASE NOTE: All prices are GST exclusive


Power points:

Back to back
New location
PLEASE NOTE: 4-way power point an extra:
Weather-proof single
Weather-proof double

Light fittings wired off an existing switch:

   Down Lights  
   Down lights (new location, supplied & installed)  $90+GST
   Down lights (replace old for new,supplied & installed) $50+GST
   Down lights (replace transformer) $50+GST
   Other various light fittings  
  Bright Green D700 LED replacement for a 70mm d/light    $69+GST
  Bright Green D900 LED replacement for a 90mm d/light    $79+GST
   Replace old for new (excluding cost of light) $50-$100+
   New location (excluding cost of light) $70-$120+
   Security lights - new location (excluding cost of light) $100-$150+
   Sensor to control lights $100-$140+

Smoke Alarms:

   New location 240v $150+GST
   Replace old for new 240v $70+GST
   Battery operated $50+GST

Lighting wired to a new switch: 

  Cost of switch added to light installation cost. For example a new down light wired to a new switch would cost: 
Down light=$90,
Wiring to a new single gang switch=$80
= $170
   Single gang $80+GST
   Two gang $85+GST
   Three gang $95+GST
   Four gang $100+GST
   Five gang $110+GST

Exhaust Fans: 

   Replace old for new $70+GST
   Installed and wired off an existing switch $100+GST
  PLEASE NOTE: If wired separately to a new switch, cost of switch is added to fan installation. Prices are listed above 

Ceiling Fans: 

   Replace old for new (excluding cost of fan and switch) $100+GST
   New installation (excluding cost of fan and switch) $200+GST

IXL Tastics and heat lamp/fan combinations:

   Installation (excluding the cost of the unit and switch) $200+GST

Light switches - Replace old for new:

  Single gang $40+GST
  Two gang  $50+GST
  Three gang  $55+GST
  Four gang $65+GST
  Five gang $75+GST
  Dimmer $90+GST
  Fan Switch $60+GST

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All German Made Solar System Pricing:

-    Solarworld 275w Panels with Diehl AKO/SMA Inverter



Solar Panels are used to harvest the power of the Sun