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Free onsite inspection and quoting


Prompt installation within one month of quote


Doak Sparkwork Electrical Services Pty.Ltd.


Located in Melbourne's east, we offer first class service and expert advice in grid connected PV (photovoltaic) solar systems and everything electrical for your home or office including Split System Air-conditioning.

Trusted and reliable, our prices are super competitive with personable service and free quoting. We only install the highest quality German made inverters (Diehl Ako and SMA) which come with a 10&5 year warranty and are the most efficient of any on the market in their transformerless models. Our high quality German made panels in Solarworld 275w are built to last in Australia's harsh, unpredictable climate and are extremely efficient and reliable.  

Customer service is our greatest strength. We are unique in that you deal with the same person the whole way through the process, as the person who designs your system is the same person who installs it on the day and signs it off. If there are any problems down the track that same person will be there ASAP to service the system if needed while under warranty with product or workmanship. This is extremely important when investing such a large amount of money into your future and require feedback or advice for many years to come. We provide a five year guarantee of our workmanship for your satisfaction, we are punctual, neat and tidy, and extremely friendly.

Our service areas are quite broad,  which include all of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Geelong and Bellarine environs. Basically anywhere within 2 hours drive of Melbourne CBD is within our service range.

We have a variety of solar systems to suit your price range, bill requirements and roof space. We are Clean Energy Council Accredited, and employ skilled tradesmen to install all of our railing and panels so they are structurally sound.

  • Five Year Guarantee of workmanship (excluding panels, inverter and circuit breakers)
  • Diehl Ako Inverter warranty of 10 years
  • SMA Inverter warranty of 5 years
  • Solarworld Panel warranty of 10 years free from defects in materials and workmanship
  • Panel efficiency guarantee of 90% output over 10 years
  • Panel efficiency guarantee of 80% output over 25 years
  • Free onsite inspection and quoting
  • Expert advice over the phone
  • Hands on 1-on-1 service all the way with your investment
  • Installation portfolio including all relevant warranties, specifications, commissioning check lists, photographs, Certificate of Electrical Safety, electrical forms, Job Safety Analysis, Basic User Guide, Performance chart of the system, detailed tax invoice of all costs, and rebate handover forms.
  • Prompt installation within 1 month of quote (subject to 10% deposit)

With so many "dodgy" companies around ripping people off and installing questionable quality of workmanship and material, there has been a worrying number of people who have invested a large amount of money towards Green Energy and are not completely satisfied with their investment. Many systems have been priced from Google Earth, and have not taken into account roof space, array orientation, or shading objects like trees, antennas or pipes. Not all houses are suitable for solar.

There has also been a great disparity in pricing of similar installations which has differed anywhere up to $5,000 for the same system! In many cases, the person or company selling the system is not an 'A' Grade electrician or CEC Accredited for Design and Install of solar, and are totally independent to the installer who will sign the job off on the day.

This has left many customers feeling isolated and unable to contact the electrician who performed the work as once he has signed the job off, it is the company's responsibility if anything goes wrong and needs to be fixed. Also, the promptness of completing the job or booking in the new Solar Smart Meter with the Electricity Distributor Network has been, in some cases, extremely poor. In some instances, even after 4 months, the customer was still waiting for their solar to be activated which can only mean a slackness in form submission and is a big concern when customer's are eager to get in before the Feed-in-tariff eases or rebates have changed.

Solar Panels are used to harvest the power of the Sun